The Ghana Mission undertakes five key priority initiatives to
  • (a) Strengthen bilateral political and development relations with Canada;
  • (b) Promote deeper economic and investment initiatives;
  • (c) Enhance diasporan engagements – particularly diasporan investments within Canada and in Ghana;
  • (d) Expand educational, research and training exchanges between Canada and Ghana; and
  • (e) Forge deeper engagements between Ghana and Canada’s Aboriginal and Native communities and Territories for mutual economic, cultural and knowledge sharing.

Political & Development

Ghana’s political relations with Canada spans nearly 61 years of strong diplomatic solidarity, shaped by shared-values and membership of the Commonwealth the United Nations and La Francophonie.
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Economic & Investments

Ghana’s bilateral trade with Canada is hugely disproportional in favour of Canada. DIRECT FOREIGN INVESTMENT by Canadian businesses is mainly in the area of mining natural resources. The priority of the Ghana Mission is to concentrate on how to attract foreign direct investments into non-mining areas of Ghana’s economy, except bauxite and hydro-carbon.
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Diasporan Initiative

Ghanaians living in Canada are estimated to be in excess of 100,000; the majority of them being professionals in Government services, medical professionals, lecturers in universities and colleges, and increasingly, a large number in private commercial trade in Ghanaian and African products.
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Education & Research

Ghana has a long-standing educational partnership relationships with Canadian institutions of higher learning, dating back to the early 1960s. More recently, the Mission’s priorities, in line with Government of Ghana policy directions, is to focus on educational partnerships to enhance more practical technical and vocational skills development in order to create jobs, especially for the youth.
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Aboriginal Initiatives

Ghana shares a number of significant similarities with Canada’s Aboriginal people and other communities located in Canada’s Northern Territories.
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