There are four (4) Consulates of Ghana. Details of these consulates are as follows:

Toronto, Ontario
4665 Yonge Street
Suite 205/206
North York, Ontario, M2N 0B4
Tel: (416) 848-1014 and (416) 848-1015
Fax: (416) 848-1017
Mr. Thomas F. K. Seshie (Consul-General)

Mrs. Clarebel N. A. Pappoe (Consul / First Secretary)

Mr. Peter .J. Apotsi (Vice-Consul/First Secretary)

Mr. Godfred M. Habadah (Vice-Consul/First Secretary)

Mrs. Faustina .O. Acquah(Vice-Consul/First Secretary)

Jurisdiction: Metropolitan Toronto

Vancouver, BC
6741 Cariboo Road
Suite 108
Burnaby, British Columbia
V3N 4A3
Tel: (604) 715-6624
Fax: (604) 931-6164
Mr. George Addei-Piprah (Honorary Consul)
Jurisdiction: Province of British Columbia
Edmonton, Alberta
Vacant Jurisdiction:

Important Notice:

The High Commission of Ghana wishes to inform applicants and other visitors that Consular Services have been suspended by the Ghana Consulate-General, Edmonton, Alberta, until further notice. Henceforth, all applications for visas to Ghana and for other consular services may be directed to the Mission in Ottawa for processing.
Counting on your understanding and cooperation.
Montreal, Quebec
Vacant Jurisdiction:
New Brunswick
Prince Edward Island
Nova Scotia
Entry visas may be obtained from the consulates, Ghana passport application forms are also available.